Starting at MyoFitness: An FAQ Guide for Beginners


  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    1) Is EMS another new-fangled technology?

    EMS know-how is nothing new. As early as in the 1700s, the relationship between electricity and muscle contraction was noted. Electro-Myo (Greek ‘myos’ = muscle) Stimulation (EMS) equipment have been used since the 1950s as a legitimate and drug-free means of enhancing professional athletes’ training, as well as for rehab therapy to restore muscle function after a stroke, serious injury or major surgery. By the late-1960s/early-1970s, Bruce Lee was using EMS as part of his rigorous, multi-faceted training!


    2) Isn’t it unnatural to use electric current on our bodies?

    All of our bodily functions work by micro currents that the body naturally produces. miha bodytec simply mimics the brain, sending electrical impulses to large and deep muscle groups, causing them to alternate between contraction and relaxation. To our muscles, whether impulses are sent from the brain or from an external source makes no difference. The same response is drawn: the muscles contract.


    3) Are the currents safe for the body?

    The micro currents used in EMS training are completely safe for the human body; there are no known adverse effects even for long-term use.


    4) What distinguishes miha bodytec II from conventional gym equipment?

    EMS allows for multiple muscle groups to be stimulated all at the same time, and even at levels beyond voluntary activation. Hence, an intense, whole-body workout in just 20 minutes is possible! Moreover, the level of stimulation of the various muscle groups can be individually controlled in miha bodytec II. This caters for personal goals and current sensitivity. No additional weights are used, and there are no high-impact running or jumping, so joints are not stressed and older people can easily use miha bodytec II. Conventional gym training involves working out fewer muscle groups at any one time, hence the demand for much longer time for each equivalent workout. Not everyone has the time or the inclination to ‘be seen’ spending hours at a gym. Moreover, conventional gym training is subject to the body’s natural inhibition mechanism. Lastly, additional weights may be used; excessive weights may precipitate premature wear and tear of the joints.


    5) What is miha bodytec II’s trump card over other exercise machine?

    Miha bodytec II’s time-efficiency (20 minutes per intense, whole-body workout) is unrivaled, and its efficiency as a fitness and even medical solution has been verified by independent studies.


    6) What makes a miha bodytec II workout different from regular exercise?

    The human body has a natural energy-conserving system, always holding back the activation of some muscle fibers even in the most demanding load. Hence it is impossible to voluntarily activate all fibers in a muscle group simultaneously. EMS, however, bypasses this inhibition and directly stimulates all the fibers in a muscle group. Consequently, muscle tension produced in a maximal EMS contraction is up to 30% higher than a maximal voluntary contraction! (“The truth about EMS” by Charlie Francis)


    7) What do I do in a miha bodytec II workout?

    Training can be either isometric or dynamic. Every miha bodytec II machine comes with a chart of 18 basic isometric positions of various levels of intensity and targeting different muscle groups. The trainer can progress or regress on the difficulty level, according to the client’s goals and needs.


    8) Is miha bodytec II only for fit, young people and gym junkies?

    EMS training is suitable for people of all age groups and fitness levels, as long as they are in general good health. In fact, the absence of additional weights and high-impact or complicated movements make miha bodytec II workouts suitable for older users, too. Conditions that are incompatible with EMS training include: pacemaker use; implanted defibrillator; advanced arteriosclerosis; cancer; Tuberculosis ; pregnancy; hemophilia; hernia; diabetes mellitus; serious neurological illnesses (e.g. multiple sclerosis; Parkinson’s disease; epilepsy); fever; metal implants; lymph edema; acute arthritis. The skin must be free of inflammation (pus; scaling; itch)


    9) Can I build a chiseled body through miha bodytec II?

    miha bodytec II has a program using 85 Hertz that is ideal for hypertrophy of muscles. Further, miha bodytec II allows the user to target specific muscle groups like those in the arms, chest and legs. Ladies who work out with miha bodytec II need not worry about developing a masculine physique, for the female hormone, estrogen, prevents female muscles from developing that way. That’s why female body-builders have to supplement their strict diet with certain hormones in order to bulk up.


    10) How does miha bodytec II help me tone my body (slim down)?

    miha bodytec II builds up muscle mass. Muscles, even at rest, consume more energy than fat. As the body’s metabolism rate increases with increased muscle mass, excess fat is burned. The focus is on a healthier, fitter and trimmer body with a lower body fat percentage; the focus is not on dramatic weight loss, as is often the case with diets, for muscles weigh more than fat. An added bonus with working out with miha bodytec II is that connective tissues are tightened, leading to less cellulite (‘orange peel’ skin) and the prevention of further varicose veins.


    11) What is the main difference between miha bodytec II and TENS gadgets?

    TENS (Trans-cutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation) gadgets stimulate localized nerve fibers under the skin, blocking pain signals from inflamed/injured joints or muscles. Therefore TENS is for pain relief. TENS gadgets do not tone or strengthen muscles, unlike miha bodytec.


    12) What is the main difference between miha bodytec II and vibration machines?

    miha bodytec II offers targeted stimulation of individual muscle groups allowing customized intensity at each muscle group, and reaches deep muscles that are hard to activate voluntarily allows the user to work out within a 2m radius. In fact, the user can even work out in conjunction with other cardio-vascular equipment e.g. treadmill, elliptical and bicycle, to enhance the calorie burn. Vibration machines stimulate the musculature of the whole body, with no option to isolate the location of, or intensity for, individual muscle groups. Also, the workout is restricted to the platform.

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